Landscaping architecture

Landscaping elements created by designers and customers are hand-made by us. Flower pots, benches, deck chairs and much more. Whether simple or complex, there is no limit to the landscaping architecture that surrounds us.

Concrete elements in urban architecture are used by municipal authorities, developers, housing associations. Often the space that surrounds us does not allow for planting shrubs or trees. By ordering large concrete pots we can change this. We will make concrete benches for you, which can be used individually in houses, public spaces, or parks. Simple or complex shapes are no obstacle.

Write to us and we will price your landscaping elements.

What sets us apart

Appropriate selection of the colour and structure of the concrete is a task set for each project. Sandblasting, grinding, impregnation, colouring are only some of the features that our products can have.

Each project is approached individually and thanks to our experience we are able to satisfy even the most complicated requirements.

Each project requires the selection of an appropriate technology. Depending on the requirements for a specific staircase, we use a suitable concrete mix. From 2cm thick concrete steps to those 8cm thick or L-shaped steps.