Concrete stairs

Concrete stairs for indoors and outdoors. They are used in homes and public spaces. Concrete is a raw and massive-looking material that adds character. We make elements that can be used in all types of stairs. We select the size individually according to the customer’s needs.
Write to us and we will quote the staircase of your dreams. We will produce L-shaped stairs, straight steps, interlocking steps and those required by your project.

What sets us apart

We produce concrete steps according to customer expectations and design. Shape, size, colour, edges, the list of details to be determined is extensive.

Each concrete staircase produced by us, depending on its destination, is treated with impregnating agents which make it easier to keep it clean and eliminate dirt.

Each project requires the selection of an appropriate technology. Depending on the requirements for a specific staircase, we use a suitable concrete mix. From 2cm thick concrete steps to those 8cm thick or L-shaped steps.