Concrete countertops

A concrete countertop can be used both in the kitchen and in a bar, hallway, as an island or table top. There are many possibilities of arranging a space with the use of a concrete countertop. Thanks to the technology used, we will endeavour to meet every requirement. The GRC concrete from which we manufacture our countertops allows for the construction of an element that is only 20 mm thick, while at the same time offering strength several times greater than ordinary poured concrete of a much greater thickness. Depending on your requirements, we can make a countertop with a visible edge 20mm thick and seemingly increase the edge itself to a few centimetres – the weight of such a countertop will increase disproportionately to the thickness but will not have an adverse affect on the installation possibilities.

Depending on the place of destination, we protect the countertops appropriately – from impregnation, which does not affect the appearance of the concrete, to protection with varnishes or resins, which improve the in-use performance and maintain the aesthetics of the countertop surface.

What sets us apart

Based on many years of testing, we can suggest the most suitable way to protect your countertop. Impregnation which does not create an additional visible layer or varnishes which create an additional cover making it easier to keep the countertop clean.

The use of the GRC method of spraying concrete allows for the production of countertops of significantly smaller thickness and thus less weight. This technology also makes it possible to manufacture a countertop with ostensible thickness while maintaining lower weight and high strength parameters.