GRC concrete – what is it?

beton GRC co to jest C4Y

The material from which we manufacture our products is GRC concrete (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete). This is glass fibre reinforced concrete with a strictly defined composition of, among others, quartz sand, cement, water, chemical additives, and pigments. Its production regime is guaranteed by the requirements outlined by the GRCA Associations.

When working with GRC architectural concrete, there are almost unlimited ways its application – the plastic form of the material allows for the free modelling of various complex forms. The method of spraying concrete or pouring it into moulds makes it possible to faithfully reproduce the desired texture or shape. The elements we produce can also be coloured in any way desired, further adapting them to their place of destination or to the tastes of our customers.

GRC architectural concrete is characterised by remarkably high strength and durability. This allows it to be used in a wide range of applications.

Compared to the traditional concrete, the elements manufactured can have a much thinner wall, making the products lighter without compromising on strength, which is at least twice that of the standard concrete. By manipulating the thickness of the manufactured element, it is possible to give a very massive material such as concrete a light form or create an apparently monolithic element that is in fact lightweight. The properties, as well as the parameters of the manufactured products are periodically checked and tested, which is confirmed by the results of these tests and by the quality documents we hold.

GRC concrete offers many forming possibilities, it can be of SCC consistency, it can be a plastic material for manual application or it can be applied by spraying.

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