Architectural concrete – a timeless material

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Architectural concrete provides endless possibilities for finishing your home. Architectural concrete has reigned supreme in modern interiors for several seasons now. It allows the creation of a multitude of arrangements. It looks great in both small and large interiors.

The simplest form of concrete in architecture are walls made of architectural concrete. They offer the perfect backdrop for furniture or accessories in intense colours. Architectural concrete on the wall not only bestows an original style on the room, but also insulates and quiets well. Impregnated concrete slabs can be successfully used in kitchens or bathrooms.

Architectural concrete is distinguished by its aesthetically pleasing appearance and excellent durability, which is why it is also suitable for finishing the facades of buildings. Architectural concrete slabs can have various textures.

In our offer you can find slabs sized 120×60 cm, they are 10 mm thick and weigh approximately 16 kg. In addition, we can make slabs of other dimensions to order.

Concrete slabs for interiors are available in many colour versions such as: NATURAL GREY, GRAPHITE, WHITE. Go for high quality solutions that will last for years!

The popular architectural concrete for interiors can be used to make kitchen countertops. Such countertops for kitchens are easy to clean and highly resistant to various types of spills or scratches. There are no gaps in such a countertop, so there is no possibility of microbial growth. Concrete is used as a symbol of durability. A solid countertop will last for many years of use.

It is also possible to use architectural concrete for the garden. Concrete pots allow you to arrange the space around your house. Such a substrate is suitable for planting various flowers, shrubs, or perennials. This makes it easy to enliven the area around the house.

What to combine architectural concrete with?

Architectural concrete in the living room goes well with wood. Wood juxtaposed with concrete makes the cold concrete feel warmer and cosier. This combination is used in modern as well as slightly more traditional interiors. Architectural concrete panels on the wall accompanied by soft textiles or velour curtains look aesthetically pleasing and very modern. The grey of the concrete contrasts well with colours such as red, orange as well as black.

Advantages of architectural concrete

It is a practical and stylish material. The latest technology makes it possible to manufacture high-quality products that are highly durable, so architectural concrete products last for many years. Impregnated architectural concrete can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. It is a material highly resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. Architectural concrete is a versatile finishing as well as construction material.

Our architectural concrete products allow you to create a unique character for any space. We invite you to take a look at our range of concrete products:

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