About us

"CONCRETE - give us an opportunity and we will give it form"

Our company was born out of a passion for the innovative and exceptionally durable material, which is architectural concrete. We are constantly discovering new possibilities of its application both in architecture, interior design, and everyday use. Manufaktura C4Y [C4Y Factory] is a place created by enthusiasts who approach each order with curiosity and full commitment. All of our products are handmade. This allows us to bring out the greatest qualities and visual characteristics of concrete, such as its austerity, porosity, or smoothness, as well as its roughness or glossiness and the possibility of obtaining any colour. We use different concrete types (GRC, UHPC, HPC or BWW [High Value Concrete according to Polish classification]) depending on the product’s design and desired properties. Our knowledge and experience allow us to carry out projects from the simple to the complex as well as those we call challenging.

We provide advice on the selection of the products we offer and carry out individual projects, tailored to the Client’s requirements and adapted to the place where they are to be placed. It is thanks to the orders placed with us by our Clients that we get opportunities to create completely new products and explore interesting applications for architectural concrete.

What sets us apart ?

2000+ projects completed
100% commitment
420+ standard products

About us

Polish manufacturer of architectural concrete elements for individual and commercial applications.

Why us?

C4Y is a team of passionate people who approach every assignment with curiosity and full commitment.
Architectural concrete
High-quality architectural concrete gives a distinct personality to the products.
Short completion dates
Stock levels of standard products allow dispatch within 48h.
Professional approach
In addition to teamwork, we share a passion for concrete.
The type of concrete used depends on the characteristics of the products to be obtained